Monday, May 17, 2010


Why are we so afraid of change? What is it about changing that causes us to sit down, cross our arms over our chest and say things like, "NO! And you can't make me!" I am mainly talking to myself, but if this sounds like I'm talking to you, well, maybe you need to hear it too. We get comfortable, things get predictable, friends are important enough to stick around for, and we like the way our clothes fit us. I was talking with my sister yesterday, and she is right here with me. She is comfortable where she is, I have been comfortable where I am.
But my question is, do we grow when change doesn't force itself on us? In all honesty, I would still be happy being the executive director of Manna Soup Kitchen in Durango, Colorado if Alex hadn't said, "I think God is calling me into full time ministry, and we gotta go to seminary." I did answer him with, "God put me in this ministry, so God will have to take me out." The funny thing is that within six months, God had changed my heart, and I was ready.  
I looked up “change” in the dictionary, and this is what it said: “cause to change; make different; cause a transformation.” Transformation. I like that! I am all about being transformed, which is to be given a completely different form or appearance. This is why I run—to get a different appearance, or maybe it's better to say this is why I started running. I have to say that running is transforming to your body, mind and spirit. I didn't want to be a runner. I thought sticking with being a walker was enough. Mary said, “Try it, you'll like it.” She was right, and I changed and am changing because of it.
So I have grown because I listened to someone who knew more than me about this change thing. I listened to my husband when he heard God calling him to come here and go through this change. Now we are listening to the district superintendents, who have decided to place us in Rogers, Arkansas, to go through who knows what changes.
So I ask again, “Why are we so afraid of change?” It hasn't killed me yet, and I even seem to be better off when I do it. I'm thinking that it all boils down to the fact that we don't like to lose what we have, be it comfort in a job, closeness with friends or your seat in the church. We don't want to lose any of it. So I will say to my friends that I am afraid to lose you. I am afraid you will forget me and that my life will never be the same without you in it. I want to hold onto you with all that is in me, and I don't know how to do that. So walk with me through this change, and let's calm each others’ fears about this crazy thing called change. Let's come out on the other side and be transformed into more than we are today. Let's grow just a little together.


redheadbeck said...

We are sisters at heart in this arena! Let's grow together in this indeed!

Lekili said...

You think you can loose us by moving to AR? FAT CHANCE GIRL FRIEND!!! Forget you? FAT CHANCE GIRL FRIEND!!! Transformed - Iron sharpens iron, clay in THE Potter's hands. Let's transform together GIRLFRIEND!!!