Monday, May 3, 2010


We got about seven inches of rain in two days, so this morning when I got up and heard the birds singing, I knew I could go for a run without ruining my shoes. So I did! Since March, I have been logging my runs as "Rehab," mainly because it's a mindset, and that's what I was doing. So today, when I got back from my run and let the Garmin upload my time and distance, I thought, "I'm not in rehab anymore. However, I'm also not training, so what should I call this?" I came up with "Run." How’s that for using the old noodle?
Back to this mindset thing. I've been thinking that so much of getting our butts up and off the couch is a mindset, and I don't understand why we talk ourselves out of exercise for a bag of chips. I have to admit that I have this problem. I love chips, and Lord, don't let me have cheese dip sitting in the fridge waiting around, cuz I will snarf that baby down. So the answer to that problem is to not buy the chips or to buy the ones with the least amount of fat. This works for a while, but then I get a coupon or they go on sale, and I'm overcome with needing chips. I might add that Lay's are the best in the land, so all I need is buy one get one free. I eat the free one first! 
Anyway, I digress. Mind set: I am now running and not rehabbing, so you may ask, “Does that look any different?” Sorta, but more in how it feels than what it looks like. If I'm saying I'm running, then that means I'm healthy and pretty much over the injury. I'm looking at what's next as far as distance or adding another day. I'm relieving tension, which right now is huge, because we have tension with 19 days til’ Alex graduates and 22 until we start packing the U-Haul, praying that the contract holds on the house and generally trying not to freak out. 
We spent this wet weekend packing boxes, mainly with stuff from downstairs. That would be the hall area and kitchen. We no longer are drinking out of glass, but have opted for the plastic tumblers. I am holding onto the iron skillets, as I can always cook something in them. We are eating beans and strange stuff that's been in the freezer for a while, trying to clean everything out before we get out of here. Did I tell you that we have a lot of bacon that needs to be eaten? Mindset: What the heck does bacon have to do with running? Maybe I need to blog about attention span and what happens when you don't have one.


redheadbeck said...

Reminds me of "Focus, Focus, Squirrel!!!!" Do you remember that commercial!! LOL!!!!

I'm very grateful for you being able to run and not rehab!!!

I think I'm gonna have to take up running for my "tension" too!!!! Ha!

Lee Ryan said...

So, the dove finally brought back an olive leaf huh?

Bacon and running are related: you run so you can feel ok about eating bacon. (every once in a while...)