Monday, April 26, 2010

We're Back!

"We found a house, we found a house. We wouldn't buy it, but we'll rent it! We went to the church, and it's huge. I am so excited that I'm scared!" Everybody sing... 
OK, so we made it home last night, and the worst part of the whole trip had to be the Memphis airport. What blows my mind is that FedEx's hub is right there, and they don't seem to have the problems that the airport has. I hate to fly into Atlanta, because that's where all the pile ups and delays end up biting you, and I think it's because they have so much dang room. You almost can't get anywhere without going into Atlanta, except to Arkansas, and then you have to go through Memphis.
On our way there we spent 45 minutes on the runway waiting to have someone come out and move the luggage around because of the weight issues we were having. I think people should have to fit into a seat, just like carry-on luggage, before they are allowed on the plane, or you get checked and put down below. Then on the trip back, we just sat at the docking area for who knows what reason while the poor dude that holds the light sticks and helps you back up stood in the pouring rain until I think I saw fins. Ah the joy of flying! I had a much better time when Dad was in the Navy and we flew space available.
We did find a house, and it was the first one we looked at. The sad part is that there weren't that many for rent and even fewer with fenced backyards. Now mind you, we would never buy this house, but since we don't know how long we will be in Rogers, we feel OK with this find. Rogers has grown and looks to be a happening place. We meet Alex's boss and family, and that went as well as butterflies banging up against passing trucks. It wasn't that bad, but I did feel like a butterfly lost in panic.
We went to the late church service on Sunday, and all I can say is WOW! They outgrew this beautiful chapel with the greatest stained-glass windows ever and built a sanctuary that has basketball flooring. It's gi-normous! We met all these faces and were very glad they didn't ask us to remember who they were two minutes later. Then we were taken to a potluck luncheon and dropped off to meet this Sunday school class. There was one of those huge inflatable jumpy things in the backyard that the church had bought, because they were spending too much money renting one every time they turned around. Man, I can remember playing freeze tag and red rover when I was little. Now there's this huge jumpy thing. Oh well. 
All in all, we are excited, and they seem to be excited to have us come, but what are they going to say? “Oh dang, it's the Workmans!” That won't happen until after they get to know us. So now we have a place to go, and we ask God to bring us a buyer for this house. We will be having our yard sale this weekend, and Alex is in charge of that, cuz the man can sell stuff!

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