Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Surrender or Pout?

The offer we had on the house fell through yesterday, and I'm trying not to be too crazy upset about it. It's not working yet. I've been awake since three this morning, brooding and questioning the only other one that I know is awake at that time of the morning—God. I'm sure others are up, but I didn't want to make phone calls to find out or check Facebook or any of that. I just wanted to pout to God. One of the cool things about God is that my pouting is OK with him, and it's almost like I have to get it out of my system so I can go on to other things.
The offer fell through, because the people were afraid that if they bought our house before they sold theirs, they would deplete their savings in eight to 10 months. My response is, “And…???” Been there, done that twice, living it now! There is a part of me that understands that way of thinking, because it is worldly thinking, and we have to watch out for ourselves and take care of ourselves, because no one else is going to do it. But as Dr. Seamands says, "God is not a respecter of persons but of position," and you gotta position yourself to hear from the Holy One.

Oh my gosh! I just remembered what he talked about yesterday, and I have to share that with you. Surrender! Abraham had to surrender Ishmael. We have to surrender our Ishmaels too. In Genesis 17:15-22, God comes to Abraham to remind him of the covenant they have about Sarah having a son who will give rise to nations, and Abraham laughs and tells God they don't need another son, that they have Ishmael. They chose second best in their lives (Ishmael) when God had first choice (Isaac) in mind for them. How often do we do this? How many times have we helped God out, only to settle for second best when God had first in mind for us? Guilty! I thought I was getting too old to have anybody want to marry me, so I said yes to Ishmael when Isaac is who God had in mind (Isaac = Alex). I had this house sold off to the folks from Memphis, when there is someone else that God wants in this house. We pray every day that God will send a buyer for this house, so we will keep praying that and see who he sends. OK, I feel better now and will stop my pouting and clean the house so we can pick a Realtor on Friday!

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