Tuesday, February 2, 2010

GH Day!

Groundhog Day! Sun hasn't been out today except for about 10 minutes at about 9:30 a.m., so I hope Phil and General Agustin (I think that's his name) got up early and didn't see anything to scare them. Cuz I'm ready for spring! I understand the need for winter and rest and the killing off of the bugs; I just don't do it very well. So the groundhogs that live in Wilmore, Kentucky didn't see a shadow, and spring is just around the corner.

I will be heading down to Trappist, Kentucky this weekend to stay at the Abbey of Gethsemani (of Fr. Thomas Merton fame). I have been down for a day trip with my friend Pat, but this time will be different, as we will be staying on the grounds. Pat and I will be in the company of Mary Helen, who has been there before and will help us find the dining room and where the snacks are laid out. The monks have prayers ever three hours, so sleeping isn't something that's going to happen a lot. I have been looking forward to this weekend and being with these very cool ladies for about six months, which is how far ahead you have to book your time with the monks.  
However, this is a time to be spent in silence with God. There is a part of me that’s afraid I'm going to be bored. I'm sure that goes against God's grain somehow! But I do want to go and be with God. I'm also looking forward to not knowing what He has for me. I love a good surprise, and I really love them when they’re from God! So I am trying to prepare myself for calm silence with no running or working out. Time to hang with God and see if He has some plans or thoughts for me. It will be good, and I'm sure parts of it will be hard, but that's where the growth comes from. Prepare me, God—all of me—to meet all of You!

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