Monday, February 15, 2010


I got back on the evil treadmill today, mainly because there are a few inches of snow on the ground and the wind is blowing 4oo miles per hour. I swear, I really don't like that thing, or maybe it's the blue wall I'm forced to look at while I'm on it. I know one thing: I faired much better on Friday running on the road in 45-degree weather with the sun shining on me than I did today. I am tired of the pain in the leg! It seems to have gone full circle now—hip flexor, groin, quad back to hip flexor. I find myself at times wishing I had gotten a degree in sports medicine or amputation. I'm also not happy with my endocrinologist, who won't up my meds to bring my numbers in line, because I told him when I run, my heart rate seems a little high. It hangs out around 160 to 170 beats per minute, and I know that's a little high, but dang it, whose body is this anyway?! So as I sit here and watch it snow sideways, I remember someone telling me once that the negative ions in the air are taken up by the snow and that's why you feel good after a snow! Is that true? If it is, I think I need to go sit outside with my grumpy monkey attitude and see if it will help. While I'm out there, I'm going to look for that stupid groundhog and kick him in the butt! Argh! Spring, where are you?

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