Wednesday, January 6, 2010

But it's Cold Outside!

Training for this Half Marathon would be alot funner if I would get outside and run instead of being a wimp and running on a treadmill!  It is all but killing me to run 4 miles looking at the same blue wall, listening to Mike & Mike on the tube and waiting for the same people to come in and do the same work outs.  Why is it so hard for me to run outside when it's 5 degrees?  I like to blame it on my cold induced Alex got me a gator to keep around my nose and mouth.  I'm afraid my feet will Momma got me some Smartwool socks.  The damp cold cut's right to your my sister got me an Under Armour coldgear top and Alex got me the tights.  I don't know how far I've run while I'm Daddy got me a Garmin.  DANG IT!!  Seems the only reason I'm not out there is because, I'm not getting out there huh?  All these people in my life have shown their support of my craziness and want to see me successful in my silly want of racing...

My long run this Saturday will be 9 miles and we should have 3-5 inches of white stuff (not sand) on the ground by what's it going to be?  

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Lee Ryan said...

I don't know how much you worry about ice, but at those temperatures and with "white stuff" on the ground, you might also consider those "spikes" you can fit on your shoes to prevent slipping on ice. Just a thought. :-)