Sunday, May 18, 2014

Joy Stealin'

I think I see the sun coming up this morning! It has been raining for day's and gotten cold enough that I have had to turn the heater back on! What's up with that anyway? Awww, spring!

Do you let other's steal your joy? Do you let yourself banish it from your life? I do, I like to blame whoever and whatever for upsetting my apple cart and then pout. As I have gotten older, this still happens, I just don't let that attitude set up camp and steal my joy like I use to.

Sounds easy enough, but in all reality, it's a fight...everyday!

What I have come to understand is it is MY joy. If I let someone steal it, it is mine to let go of. Think about it, when someone steals your joy, it's because we allow what they say to have a heavier, more important weight than what we are feeling or thinking. 

Well, that's crap!

And that's where I am right now, tired of letting people steal my joy. 

I have been called and equipped to do a job. Because I am a strong, bold, outspoken woman, who happens to be a smidgen loud, I am also known as a bitch. If I were a man, they would be singing my praises from here to kingdom come. However, this is not the case and I'm sure it's not the case with any strong women you know, they are all bitches! This use to steal my joy. I would get quieter, act all helpless, you know, become who I'm not.

No more! I am the beloved daughter of the one high King and He made me this way! So back off satan! It's my joy and today I think I'll hold on to it!  

(PS. When I said I was called and equipped, it wasn't by man!)

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