Saturday, April 19, 2014


Something strange is happening. This is Holy Saturday. It's the day of Holy week that we really don't know what to do with ourselves! Should we be sad, happy, expectant...

This is the time when the funeral has happened, the dishes have been cleaned, the food put away and we look around and say Now What? We are left alone in our aloneness. This day lacks a precise meaning and I for one find it difficult to know what to do. It's like I keep waiting for someone to say something, or start whistling, or singing. Something!

This is the time between the knowing and the unknowing. It is filled with a promise, but it brings such emptiness to my heart. 

I have spent this Lent with Jesus in his suffering. That might sound strange to you, but suffering has become a known companion to me. In dealing with rejection, guilt, and failure I have begun to get a small glimpse of what Jesus might have felt. In being excused as unimportant, or even just a bump in the road, I have become friends with suffering.

Something strange is happening and all I can do is stand firm on the promise...

I will never leave or forsake you!

Come Lord Jesus!

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