Thursday, February 27, 2014


Things have been moving so fast this month! Did you know that this month is almost gone? Well, it is, like tomorrow! I feel like I've spent too much time going around in circles this month. I'm ready to do a little straight line walking in March.

I planted some seeds almost 2 weeks ago and I've got some sprouting! Most seeds need to be planted the year you get them. However, raise your hand if you ever have any seeds left over... That's what I thought. This year, I'm planting old seed from years gone by and we'll see what happens.

I found this: Subversion in a positive sense of overturning what needs to be overturned. What do you think about that? What needs to be overturned? Do you have what it takes to be subversive? I think a lot of times, we leave these overturning for the youth, who have grand idea's and a heck of a lot more energy. So at mid-life, how do you get excited about being subversive again? 

This is where I have found myself as of late. Stuck on the wheel of repeated questions. Do I want to do this? Do I have the energy? Is it what God is calling me to do? Then I stop. 
He came after me before, right out of the blue. I wasn't even really looking. Is that what's happened again? 

I think if I add something at the end of this, it might make the herd of butterflies in my chest calm down a little. Subversion in a positive sense of overturning what needs to be overturned in order to bring Glory to God! Somehow, that makes it a little easier.

God calls us to be keepers of a vision, the vision He put inside of us. He calls us to be keepers of a flame, the flame that He keeps fanning. We are called to be over turners.  

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