Thursday, November 29, 2012

Feeding Time!

We started our Advent Bible Study last night, and if my counting is correct, there were 19 of us there. I was happy to see more than 12, but with a Sunday attendance number of 140, you would think a few more would have showed up.  The real bummer is this is Advent! Let's look forward to the coming of the King together!!

This got me to thinking about the purse party I had on Monday. I know it sounds strange, but stick with me and see where I'm going before you call me crazy and click onto something else. I sent out an email to 30 people, had the event posted on Facebook, made phone calls, and sent out 25 postcard reminders. Had about 35 people coming until the day of the party got here. Slowly, through out the day, the calls started coming in. I ended up with 7 people that night. We had a nice time and I was tickled that they showed up, but my point goes a little deeper than that.

As a church, we expect the Pastor to feed us. This is Biblical (John 21) and it's their job. It's also their job to make disciples of Jesus Christ! Tell me how that can be done if you are showing up once a week and expecting your tank to get filled, and last you for the week, on I might add, a 15 minute feeding? We are setting ourselves up to die from malnutrition!

The problem is not what we are getting fed on Sunday, it's what we are feeding ourselves Monday through Saturday! The sheep have their job to do too you know! It's our responsibility to eat! Anyone who lives on milk, still being an infant, is not acquainted with the teachings about righteousness. But solid food is for the mature, who by constant use have trained themselves to distinguish between good and evil. Heb. 5:13-14

Here's the deal: It's the Pastor's job to serve up Word, hot and fresh every Sunday! It's also their job to ensure that there are other feedings going on during the week to feed us hungry sheep!

Sheep of the church, it's our job, right, and responsibility to eat. If we refuse to study, apply it, pray some during the week, join a small group and dig deeper with others, theres not much the Pastor can do for us!

So when we talk to your fellow sheep, and hear things like I'm not getting fed, and we know there are feedings going on during the week, cuz we're at them, and don't see them. We might want to remind them that drinking milk is fine while your an infant, but if you want to mature in your faith, you have to train yourself and start eating the meat that's being offered.

Just my thoughts from this side of the street!

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