Monday, October 8, 2012

There is Room!

Church was eye opening for folks this Sunday. I know this because I heard them talking about it afterwards. Preacher man is talking about the 5 requirements of being a member of the UM church. Yesterday he talked about being present, we promise to come to church, support it with our presence. So towards the end of the sermon, he asked one side of the church to get up, and move to the other side. This left one side empty. Preacher man said, See, there's plenty of room for more! 

We can't just sit around and wait for people to come to church. We have the attitude that they see the sign out front, if they want to know more, they'll come in. I think you can see by this example, No, they will not just come in. It's part of our job, as members of the church, to ask people to come with us. Not just show up at church, but to bring them and to sit with them, and to show them around.

Now, Preacher man explained that there had been times before he was Preacher man and he was just dude, that he had asked people to church with him only to have the Preacher do something really off the wall and dude sat there embarrassed. He said he wouldn't do something off the wall, but having everyone to one side of the church is border line, I think.

The point is this friends, our churches are dying! People aren't coming cuz they feel compelled to be there. They need to be asked! Look at it this way, when we don't ask people to come to church, we are denying the Good News! We aren't letting the Gospel be heard! It's like saying Jesus, I love you and all, but I don't want to force someone to hear that you love them, and died for them, and that they are your beloved! What is that about? It's our job as Christian's, to get out there and make a difference. Jesus is the only thing that can make a difference, I promise you that! So what are we waiting on? To feel comfortable about it? Get over it and get out there and find someone that doesn't have a church home and ask them to come with you to church on Sunday! What's the worse thing that could happen? Beside Preacher man doing something off the wall?


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Dustin said...

Hahahahahahaha!!! Tell Preacher Man I'm stealing his idea for a future sermon...