Monday, October 29, 2012

Commitment Sunday!

Yesterday was "Commitment Sunday" at just about all the UM churches I know about. I find this Sunday somewhat exciting with a smidgen of dread sprinkled on top. Preacher man has spent the last five Sunday's talking about commitment through prayer, presence, service, gifts, and witness. He sent pledge and commitment cards giving everyone the chance to become involved. Now, we wait to see if anyone circled 'data entry' so they can help put this mess of cards into some sort of order. So I wait.

I find that the body of Christ is sometimes a rather large, slow moving giant, that has a hard time tying his shoes. The church is one body, made up of many different parts, yet baptized into one Spirit. That one Spirit is Jesus flowing through us. It is truly the one thing we have in common, Jesus is our Lord and Savior. So when the eye starts bossing the hand around and the foot tells the ear how and when to do it's job, I am reminded that not every part can do everything. It's so much better when we believe in the Jesus that's in all of us and do our part. 

Sometimes, that's stepping out and being something different, or at least trying something different. We can't all be ushers at the same time, why don't we try childcare or helping with the grounds? Just because we have always been a greeter doesn't mean we wouldn't be awesome at helping with meals. I've heard this called, stepping out in faith! 

I use to not know how, nor did I feel comfortable, praying in front of, or in back of anybody! My prayer at dinner time was God is great, God is good. Let us thank him for our food. Amen A lot of my personal prayers were nothing more than WHY???, God! Yet, had it not been for Laura back in Durango, I wouldn't have even tried my hand at prayer. So I thank her for helping me step out of my box and learning to do something that frankly, made me want to crawl out the window! I can now pray in front of, behind, and/or beside anybody! It all started on a "Commitment Sunday" so many years ago.

So what are you committed to? Anything new and different? Are you staying in your comfy box, or are you hearing the call for more? It's not too late and you aren't too old! Won't you join us, and become part of the most beautiful body around, the Body of Christ!

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