Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Are you filled?

My thoughts seem to be consumed with water lately! Did I water the dogs? Have I drank enough water today? Is it cool enough to water the yard? Just lots of water thoughts. I have the bird bath set up in the back yard, but it doesn't seem to have any takers as yet. I've been putting ice in it towards the end of the day. If I were a bird, I'd come sit in an ice bath!

We think about water more in the summer, I'm sure we use more in the summer too. I'm doing my part with as few showers as possible. My folks live by a lake, heck, I hear tell there's a river in Little Rock, I just haven't seen it yet. I love water! I'm going to bet that 98.3% of all people love water of some sort. Either lake, river, creek, ocean or pond there is a love affair with our souls and water.

I've been thinking lately, that God calls us to pour ourselves out for others. We love to be a source of filling don't we? When someone needs us to do something, that's when we love to jump into action and say things like Why of course I will come and help serve sandwiches to the hungry, and them I will mow my neighbors yard with a push mower and after that I will visit the folks at the hospital. Jesus was all about helping people in their time of need and we should be too, but my thoughts go to being filled right now. How are you being filled? Or are you even bothering? 

Something I have to watch is getting all consumed with who needs what and how I can get everything on that list done. I forget to take time to walk up to the water and just look at it. To stick my toe in and check the temp. To close my eye's and feel the water wash over me and to jump up and scream at the top of my lungs THIS IS AWESOME! To stand in the presence of the source with hands turned up and empty. To whisper fill me Lord and wait. Is there anyone in your life to show you to the source of the water? To remind you, Hey! You look and act like a desert dude, go get some water!

Letting go of what they will think, brings you to the edge of the water. Letting go of who you think you should be, brings you to the edge. Letting go is all about vulnerability! But we are afraid to be vulnerable. 

Fear tells you I'll make you safe. Love says You are safe! 

Somewhere along the way, I pray someone helps you see the beauty that comes with vulnerability. I get being scared of it, I was for a really long time. My vulnerability was a place of shame, of fear and a huge struggle with worthiness. What's so cool is in that place I also say the birth of joy, belonging, creativity, wholeness and love. 

Now, I've become somewhat passionate about vulnerability, about living into my true self, not who I created, to keep myself safe. I am all about being real. I want to jump in with both feet. But we have to take time to go to the source and get filled up. God is waiting, can you hear Him calling you? 

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