Saturday, May 26, 2012

More Faith

Packing like crazy people yesterday, well, for a little while anyway. Got almost everything off the walls and in a box, lacking three pictures, two of which are the largest ones we have. 
  • We're in the process of trying to figure out how to get the Chevy and Bike to Sherwood and leave them.
  • No one has bought our furniture and now we are going to try to sell the washer and dryer.
Why do we have so much stuff? Do we really need all this? I guess in that lies the real question huh? Always afraid if we don't need it today, we might tomorrow. Every now and then I feel like this is an impossible task. Getting all this into a box, getting that box into a box with wheels on it, just to put it in another box called a house and put it up again. Sounds a little crazy huh? Me, left to myself, would sit down and reread books or look through pictures or clean the picture before it goes into a box. Preacher man, he's on a mission and sometimes I just get in his way!

But this time is different. We talked a little bit about it last night. Preacher man is apprehensive on this move compared to other moves we been on. (This is number 11 for us as a couple) When we were leaving Wilmore, we had the bull by the horns! We were pumped and excited to start life, yet again, but this time in Arkansas. We found out rather soon, that we had set our sights way too high. The crash has been hard on both of us, in ways we can see and in ways that hide until it's time to pack a box. So we walk around dragging our feet, because we know how we fit here, even if it's dysfunctional. 

This is being on first base, with a pulled hamstring. We are being told we have to run to second base cuz that big dude that just hit the ball is fixin to run over us. So we start out off the base, and the pain comes in waves with every other step. Like a wounded animal running for it's life from a big hungry cat! We aren't real sure what we're headed for or if we should be excited about trying to get there. I mean when we left home base, we were pumped to get to first base. When we got there we realized we were hurt, and now it's a little scary to move off this base to the next, we might get hurt again.

That is the beauty of faith. The not knowing, but doing it anyway, cuz who is calling us, is preparing us for them and them for us! We are excited, but guarded. God is calling us to put down our guard and trust in Him...again. He's with us when we pack these boxes and have those thoughts that keep us stuck on first base. He will let us stay here, but there will be 2 out's called if we do. We just can't have that! 

So we lighten the load, and keep packing. Encouraging each other along the way. Knowing neither one of us would be on this journey without the other. He blames me, I blame him. It works! Knowing that this time will be different,  because they are always different. Thanks for walking with us through this time. Keep us in your prayers.     

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