Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Advent Time!


This is the start of the liturgical calendar year! I love that Christians start their year off with Advent, don't you? Now I understand that Thanksgiving needs to come first in the American calendar and I do find it strange that Thanksgiving is at the beginning of Advent but I'm ready to wait!

In fact, I might be talking a lot about waiting during this season, cuz that's what we're told to do! Advent is the period of preparation, extending over four Sunday's before Christmas. The word Advent comes from the latin word advenio, "to come to", and refers to the coming of Christ.

With this little background info, I walked into the Creek on Monday to start work and while being "Creeked In", read these words on the sheet that has the info for the day on it. Holiday phone information: You will say "Happy Holiday's and thank you for calling ColdWater Creek, this is Kimberly, how can I help you?" Hold the bus people, didn't we have this conversation last year around this time? Yes, I do believe we did and here is my answer to this request. I will not be saying Happy Holiday's when I answer the phone, I will be saving Merry Christmas or I will not answer the phone. The boss lady looked at me, as she usually does when I say things that make her want to slap me. "We don't want to offended anyone!" OH MY GOSH!!! Really, well that offends me!! And in fact, I DO want to offend people, I believe people needed to be more offended during this time of year and should not be allowed to celebrate Chritmas if they don't believe! But I guess I don't count for much, being an employee and all. 

So in short, here's the deal. The only reason we have Christmas is because of Christ! So, I'm thinking about getting a big sign that warns people that I believe in Christ and Christmas and have no use for Happy Holiday's! Those people offend me! 

If you call the Creek in Rogers and if I have to answer the phone, you will be hearing, Merry Christmas. Either don't call, or say Merry Christmas back! 

Happy New Year Church!         

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