Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Smells Good!

When Preacher man and I lived in Wichita Kansas one of the houses we lived in was in the older part of town. This was around the time I was working third shift. By the way, have you ever worked third shift for any amount of time? It makes your brain soft and your thinking becomes strangely clouded. It's also not normal to get off of work at 8 in the morning and drink a beer with your husband who is drinking coffee. Strange! Anyway, working this third shift was something I didn't really get use to and I heard one of the reasons yesterday and it took me back in time and space.

Living in the older part of town, our neighbors were from south of the boarder. How do I know this you might ask? Well, I'm glad you asked cuz this is how I figured it out. On Sunday's, there is always a party south of the boarder. The music is real loud, I don't understand any of the words and there seems to be a squeeze box going in all the songs, almost polka like. The next big give away is something is cooking and it don't smell good. I have found out that this smell is coming from boiling cow intestines also call ma-new-doe. It's enough to make you pack up and leave the state, which we did. One other thing is going on too, lots of beer being drank and lots of yelling going on.

The reason I bring this up is cuz I was sitting on the back porch reading yesterday and the music started up. I could feel my skin start to crawl as I sniffed the air almost out of habit, waiting for the smell. I waited all day for the normal thing to happen, that south of the boarder thing that happened every Sunday in Wichita, and it never came to be.

Isn't it funny how sounds and smells can transport you back to a time in your life when your brain wasn't firing on all cylinders. Life may have been simpler but it sure didn't smell as good.  

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