Thursday, October 20, 2011

List of things

A.  It went and happened! It just couldn't wait until I was more ready or prepared in a better froze, or is it, it freezed? All I know is Preacher man and I put sheets on my tomato plants, pulled the house plants into the house, which made Gracie mad cuz they are taking up her floor space under the window, put the basal under the eve of the roof and waited. Now I am writing this the night before the big freeze so I don't know if anything has died yet. It's like pre-freeze in my head right now, but by the time you read this, plants could be dead.

B.  Did you know that everyday thousands of plants die because of vegetarians? Why are we not hearing more about this issue?

2.  I'm just not ready for the cold, I like whining about how hot it was today and I stuck to stuff when I was wearing shorts.

Did I tell you that Gracie's breath smells like something died in there? 

Yazi has an idea!
 3C.  Anne broke her lawn mower so Preacher man and I went to pick it up cuz Preacher man is the handiest man I know and she fed us a pizza for our trouble. I got home last night from my Bible study and opened the garage and walked in and almost died from gas fumes over load. I had started to get back on the tread mill, but NO! I can not run on a tread mill inhaling gas fumes, it's just not right!

2b.  The dudes are still hammering on the house behind us that had the music going the other day, from south of the boarder way. I don't hear the music so much with the windows shut up ready for a freeze!

D. I miss the sun of Colorado! Do you know that the sun shines 360 day a year out there? 

4.  It's not just people in Kentucky that can't drive. People in Arkansas drive way too fast up here and they think the are the reason roads were made in the first place. People in Missouri, drive like they have all the time in the world.

5.  The cardinals are starting to come back! I don't know if they left, but I'm starting to hear them and see them at the feeders again! 

Z.  I go to the specialists next week for my thyroid, been waiting to do that for about 6 months. Got to make a list of the stuff that my body is doing to me that pissen me off. Maybe the thyroid is the issue with waking up at 1:00, gain a bazzilion pounds, hair falling out, no energy, but right now I do have great looking nails!   

Don't be scared of the scary nails!

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