Monday, September 19, 2011

More often than not!

I have loved more often than not and wonder if most people are like that.
Some of the love has lasted awhile, some only lasted an hour or two.
When I was young I thought love was the most important thing, then I got my first pay check.
Funny how love can be moved out of the lime light so quickly for an idol that doesn't love you back.
In thinking back on the things I have loved, I remember recess and swinging as high as the chain would take me! I use to think if I could just out swing the swing, I could fly. Oh did you ever dream of flying, of just jumping from a cliff and soaring with the birds? When we would visit San Francisco and go to Golden Gate Park, you could see the wind. It was the fog and the moist air rolling off the ocean that gave me the sight of it. The birds would get on that wind and just stop in the air. They would look around to see if anyone was watching or if lunch was running around somewhere below. The ocean is something I have always loved! When I see it, it always welcomes me back! I feel at home hearing the roar and smashing of the waves. I love the smell of salt in the air. I loved my Grandparents in a way that still makes me cry. I can remember when we all went to New Zealand and I had finally stopped sucking my thumb. My Grandparents were traveling separate from us and I got so worried something was going to happen to them, that I started sucking my thumb again. I loved Bobby Sherman and the cool way he wore his hair. I love singing songs that make me cry! I love my Preacher man since the day I saw him and I'm blessed that God has grown us together that way that He has. I loved playing barbie's with my sister and riding bikes and talking on the phone for hours about nothing. I love cooking with my mom and sharing in her life. She has given me my love of gardening, cooking and a hunger for reading. I loved spending time under the hood of the Olds with my dad, even though I didn't know what I was looking at. My love of pushing buttons and figuring out how something works comes from him as does my sense of humor, well that may come straight from God. I love my friends in a way that in unending, yet when it does end, I miss them more than not. I love animals and sunshine, laughter and rainbows. I love waking up early to see the sun come up and there is nothing better than a moon rise in Arizona!
I have loved more often than not, and I wonder, are you like that?        

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