Thursday, September 15, 2011


I started a new Bible study Tuesday at Central UMC in Fayetteville, it's called "Voices & Choices" and Kim Witte wrote it. Now you may not know who Kim is just yet, but someday you will, and when you do know Kim, remember you heard it here first! The study is a pilot and it is about listening to what God has to say to each of us. It's going to last for 12 weeks, so that's longer than most, but it looks so promising and I'm excited to be apart of it.

Preacher man had brought home a spiritual gifts test the other day and I just found it today, so I took it. My gifting's have changed, which is something that happens if your growing in your faith, so yeah, I'm growing in my faith! My top three use to be administration, mercy and exhortation, in reverse order. Now they are prophecy, extortion and shepherding. You answer these questions and identify your top 3 highest scores and then read about the gifts you've been given. The descriptions give you insight into how God has wired you to work with the body of Christ. Spiritual Gifts are like muscles and they are intended to be used to move the body in the direction that the head is facing. Jesus is the Head of the body. When you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, the Holy Spirit gives you gifts. Some people have thoughts that we get all the gifts while some say we get a few. I happen to believe in the camp that says you can't be everything to everyone, and we each must do our part. When you look at the ministries at your church and try to decide what to be apart of, it's always good to take one of these tests to find out what your gifts are so you are in a ministry that sucks the life out of you. If your church doesn't have one of these test's you can find them on line, or you can ask your Pastor about it. 

I think so many people don't get plugged into their church because they don't think they are any good at anything. Or you have people involve with missions cuz they like to travel! That's about as lame as it get's. Missions is for people with gifting's of evangelism, helps, exhortation  and mercy. In fact, there isn't a gifting called travel. See how messed up that can get?

Before I close I wanted to share with you what it say s about prophecy.
Persons gifted in the area of prophecy have the ability to proclaim God's truth without compromise. They have strong convictions and expect others to have similar convictions. They need to express themselves verbally, especially about right and wrong. These persons may be quick to make judgments of others and quick to speak their opinions. They possess an unusual ability to discern other's sincerity and may be painfully direct when correcting others. They are persuasive in defining right and wrong and are persistent in expressing their feelings about the need for change. If you scored high in this area, you should look for a ministry area in which you can challenge others to live by God's standards as set forth in His Word.  
I'd like to add that a good job would be as a Preachers wife!

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