Saturday, August 6, 2011


Today is the day that people gathered in Houston Texas! The Response: A call to prayer for a nation in crisis. Did you hear about it? Did your church talk about it? Did you hear it on the news? Over 30,000 gathered together for a time of fasting and prayer. It was live streamed and it was awesome! There should have been more, there could have been less. Gov. Perry read scripture and prayed. I'm thinking he should be our next President! What is breaking my heart is I know this nation is breaking God's heart. We are not living the way of Christ!  We are living as if we the United States of Sodom and Gamora! And it's OK with people! 
Preacher man is leading a Wednesday night discussion on HARD topics. It stands for Homosexuality, Abortion, Relationships and Domestic issues. It was suppose to last an hour, however the conversation went on for more like an hour and a half. People just aren't reading their Bibles anymore, so they have no idea what God has to say about these things. They also haven't heard these topic's preached from the pulpit, so they don't know what the UM church believes. There were a few nasty comments directed towards Preacher man, which just about made me come unglued, but I just went into prayer. Only God can save us, only God can judge us. Our job is to love each other and we haven't done that. Our job is to be Jesus to the lost world. The world is over taking us and it breaks my heart. We have to stand for what the Bible says, even if we find it hard and difficult to do. If we don't, then who? 
We need revival God in a big way!

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