Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kitchen Time!

We headed down old highway 71 in search of the veggie stand that Preacher man had read about in the paper. This was Wednesday and I knew that Jack was going to be showing up at church with a load of cucumbers that he had picked up in MO for me. Just about the time we were going to turn around there it was! We pulled in and I spied a basket of cucumbers, Preacher man found a bag of corn. "I'm looking for a few cases of cucumbers can you help me with that?" That's all it took, so simple and yet so much work! 

We went back on Friday morning and picked up the two cases and the owner showed up with two more so I had to get them too. 88 pounds of cucumbers! We got through half yesterday with 64 jars put up. You see the picture at the top of the blog? That was over a month of work and we had well over 200 jars, but I didn't have to get them all done in a day or two! 
Grannie Corn!
The other issue is I made Grannie corn on Thursday and that is enough work to put anyone in the hospital with arm cramps! Grannie corn is what we call Fried corn. You shuck the corn and them slice just the very tip of the corn off into a bowl. Turn the knife around so your using the blunt end and scrape all the 'milk' off the cob. Put a stick of butter into an iron skillet and melt it. Add you corn to the butter and mix together. Then your going to add milk until it get's running or as Daddy say, 'It doesn't taste starchy anymore.' 1 tablespoon of flour and 1 1/2 tablespoons of sugar, cook low and slow for about 30 minutes. Put in containers and freeze. I had a friend ask me for my pickle recipe and I have to laugh when they do that, and they ask for my BBQ sauce recipe too. I sell those people and will not give you my recipe! That's like calling up Coke and asking them for their recipe, wait that may have been where Pepsi came from huh? Anyway, I will give you the Fried corn recipe cuz I am never going to make enough of it to sell, let alone give away! Pickles and BBQ sauce, now that's a different story, that's part of who I am. An enigma wrapped around a mystery with lots of salt added.

We will be going through Wilmore after we go to Aldersgate up in Dayton and we plan on taking some pickles. Preacher man is going to figure the price for this years treasures today and call our buddy in Colorado who does my labels and get that all lined up. Me, I get to go work at the Creek, which it's a One Creek today, everything is 35% off so it should be crazy time. Then I'll come home and get back at putting the rest of the cuke's up into pickles! 14 day's is how long the magic takes to turn a cucumber into a pickle. Doesn't seem like long except when you haven't had one of these babies in over a year!

Oh, side note! Preacher man pulled 11 Hornworms off the tomatoes yesterday and 5 more today. If you throw them under your bird feeder the Robins will come eat them up! The point here is, don't forget to look at your tomatoes! These moths come in at night and lay their eggs and the next thing you know, infestation! Pull them off and throw them somewhere! They are very slow moving, look just like a leaf, so study your plants and help put an end to this moth! Dang butterfly people are going to send me hate mail now!  

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