Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dirt Day!

Today was dirt day! I have been planning this day for about a month with Brian's help, he takes care of the church building. He ordered 16 yards of dirt. Now, I have walked through 16 yards before, but I'm not sure exactly how much dirt that is. Well, now maybe I do, cuz it took us three hours to fill those beds. So that's how much dirt that is. Jack brought this cute tractor with the front end loader on it and he drove it through the church! It was so cool to see, I even got a picture of it.
That's Jack on the tractor, he just came through the church! Isn't that cool! Anyway, we got her done and now I press onto other problems in life to be solved!
Let me tell you what the newest carrot in front of my nose is! One of the members in our church is a VP at Allen canning... Preacher man asked him if he knew where we could get our hands on some cucumbers. VP said how many cases? I fell over last night and have woken with visions of cukes dancing in my head. I don't know if I've ever been asked that question before. It's like when I was younger and they had full service gas stations. "Filler up!" My main problem once again becomes working at the Creek! Preacher man tells me to quit, I want to at times and at others I don't. Now my question becomes, "How long can I get cukes coming in anyway?" 
This is from my garden, and I have three more out there right now that I can see. Cucumbers are sneaky like squash, they appear over night and the next thing you know, are too big to eat! So you gotta watch em. Anyway, what's with my hand looking fat? So the madness of pickles is just around the bend, I need to devote so much time to that in order to make pickles while the cuke's are being harvested. Preacher man says I should get a business license, Daddy says I should get a kitchen trailer, Bill says he'll help me get them out there to be sold. Me, I just wanna have fun and make pickles! Oh Bother!

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