Monday, July 11, 2011

Class on the Mountain!

View from Mt Eagle in the morning
I want you to know that I started a posting on Friday before I left to go to Mount Eagle for Spiritual Direction class, but guess what happened? That's right, I ran out of time. Now as I look at it, if I posted it, it would be like old news, so I will move on!
We had a new teacher this weekend. Though it was sad not to have Dr. Fred with us, who he sent was most excellent after we figured him out. I know you've been apart of a group that ends up gelling. After you meet together for a certain period of time, go through meals and growth, you end up with this hole dynamic that no one really plans. It's great fun, and we become a dysfunctional family, that try's to function as God is calling us to. There are 18 of us, 13 are women, 5 men. We are clergy and lay, married and single, liberal and conservative, Methodist, Baptist and Episcopal, and we are half way through our training to be Spiritual Directors! 
Joe in the back ground
Our teacher this go around was Joe McHugh, who among other things was a former Jesuit priest and Trappist monk! We learned so much from Joe, I think we floated to the main road and about 10 miles toward home before we knew how blessed we had been. We got to do practical work with each other and ask the hard questions of someone who is doing spiritual direction. I think we all went through a what in the world am I doing here period and we are now seeing that it's more about God than it is about us! Our first really big job, is to explain what Spiritual Direction is to people. 
It got it's start with Jesus, has been in written form since the Desert Father's and the Catholics' have been the only branch that has held onto this lovely tradition of being a spiritual companion with someone. Directors, do just that, direct. We don't fix, boss, analyze or have all the answers. But we do ask questions and listen to the Holy Spirit. We hold other's accountable as long as they are committed to being accountable and we don't judge. I will be posting about somethings this week as I start to ponder what was learned and continue my walk in this way. 
How spiritual director brush their teeth!
I must state it again, I continue to be blown away by God and His plan as it unfolds before my eyes. To go through Ah-Ha moments has got to be on my list of coolest things to happen. Do I have them all the time? No. Do I go through times when I wonder where God is? You bet I do. But the big thing that I've been learning is, don't stop. Even when you aren't hearing anything, keep moving in the way that you know. 

This is a picture of 5 of the 13 female's that do brush their teeth. Hygiene is important you know!       

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