Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Full Intenion

I went to the doctor yesterday in hopes of finding out why in the world I'm not sleeping and have no energy to do anything. I explained what's been going on and Doc looked at me and said, "What you are describing sounds like stress." Stress?! Me!? Surely not, what do I have have to be stressed about? How about you draw some blood, we'll see that my thyroid is acting up and we'll make changes on the script. Everything will be all better. I told him I haven't been running since it got cold and stayed that way. Got cold induced asthma you know. He told me to hit the inhaler before my run and it would take care of that. Also, he told me to get back out there and start running if that's what I liked to do. Just take some blood doc and we'll talk later.
The results came back last night and I viewed them on the website, which I think is ready cool. What I didn't find cool was the normal numbers. It's not that I want to be on all these different drugs, I just wanted something to show me I wasn't stressed or crazy cuz I'm not sleeping. While my thyroid was up a little, it's not enough for him to do anything about. He had everything in the world run except cholesterol and the numbers are right in the middle, pretty much. So I'm sure that will cost a pretty penny and I'm back at the bulk head of exercise.

Sam chewing on metal lizard!
Preacher man and I also took the dog part of the herd into the Vet yesterday for their yearly shots and check up. They are in fine conditions with the exception that Sam is 12 and it's a big deal to get a Golden to live that long. It's getting harder for him to get around yet he still has that happy puppy attitude. Preacher man reminded me on the way home that 12 years old was old for a Golden. "What are you trying to say?" I shot at him. "We might not leave Rogers with him." Oh yes we will, if I have to put him in a tin like I have Shyela and carry him from town to town, he will leave Rogers with us! It really doesn't seem like we have had him that long, but I guess he came to us when he was four and that was eight years ago. 
So, I had every intention of getting up this morning and taking them for a walk, then coming back and going for a run. Really, ever intention. Then I saw that it's 33 degrees out there and lost all motivation. Oh Bother! Maybe tomorrow...    

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