Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Mayan Temple, these are steps!
I am once again reminded by Amy Carmichael that if we can only see the next step, we must take it. What the heck does that mean, you may ask. For me, it is and probably always will be a calling to go forth. Go forth where and into what, well, that is the part that always get's me. I like to have a plan, a list, a back-up plan, and a what if plan, all of which fall under the category of "Kim's Great Plans!" I have come to the conclusion that these so called plan's are just another form of worry. Jesus said something about worry and it wasn't go forth and worry! 

Have you ever taken the time to think about all the blessing that have "just happened" in your life? I have been doing that lately as part of my time of Lent. To go within and to see what God is calling me to. I have asked God to give me his list so that I can get at it and start checking things off. Can I tell you how that has gone over...NOT! I can hear God chuckling right now! "Oh Kim, you worry with much!" He never says, you make too many lists! I'm beginning to see that when I plan out with list's and what if's, I'm not giving much room for the Holy Spirit to come in and work through me. I've got it all planned out and there doesn't seem to be a great need for any help, even Holy help. Ouch! 

Sunset Belize
So does that mean we wonder around with no idea what we will do today? Don't be silly, but yeah, that's what it means. Let me explain; you have a calendar and/or a list, I know you do, so are you using a pen or pencil to joy down your 'stuff'? I'm suggesting that you start out today with a pencil and a really big eraser! Instead of calling it "a to do list" let's call it a suggestion list, what do you think? I know we all have things in pen that have to get done, but look at it, is it all pen stuff? I challenge you to take time to sit and really listen to your morning or evening. What kind of bird is that? Is that a weed or grass? Did God send that beautiful sunset just for you? You bet he did! When you start to really see what he has for you in the simple things, you will be able to see those next steps.

When I see the next step and that's all I see, I have decided that I'm taking it.  

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redheadbeck said...

Brings to mind one of my favorite songs, "Whatever!" by Steven Curtis Chapman!! GREAT lyrics!!! Love the sunset in Belize pic!!!

Love ya!