Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Beds and Confirmation!

New full bed!
One of our new friends from the church gave us a full sized bed that we picked up and assembled over the weekend. They also gave us a microwave cart that we are using as a tall bedside table, a rocker that I love, a diddy table, and 2 comforters. This week one of my bosses is giving us another full sized bed with head board! If we can get our hands on one more twin bed we will have all the bed's this house can hold. For those who don't read this blog enough to know what I'm talking about beds for, we are in the process of being foster/adoptive parents. Our house is big enough to take up to 4 kids, which is pretty sad when you think that the spaces needed per child is 50 sq. feet. I know when I was growing up I needed more than 50 feet! 

Cameron at brunch
Brett at brunch
I am also in charge of getting the new church directory together. Now this is something that I feel every church should have done about ever three years. Mainly cuz people come into the church, leave the church and it also helps new people get to know the church. I think the last one that was done at this church was well over 6 years ago. The people in the church also have name tags, that they don't wear. I got real tired of not knowing who these people were real fast, so I decided to do a church directory with Olan Mills, which may be the death of me. I feel I am preparing myself for our future churches, as I will come with this huge skill under my belt! Have you ever been in charge of getting a directory together? You better have Jesus before you do! I am amazed at how self absorbed people have become. It's not so much the older generation, they seem to know that it's part of being a church family. The younger families want to tell you when they can do their picture and except you to add dates. They expect to set the times that the pictures will be taken and if they have baseball games during all of your dates, well they just can't do it. I keep forgetting that the kids social life runs the family now a days!

Christian at brunch

Something really cool that Preacher man and I got to be involved with this winter has been taking three young men through confirmation. If you don't know what that is, ask me or google it. This past Sunday not only did Preacher man preach, we also confirmed these young men into the church! It was great and the 8:30 service loved it! These young men have impressed me so much with their desire to know the Bible and Jesus. The families of these guys made a really big deal out of the confirmation, and it blessed my heart! There are still families run by parents out there! The families all sat together in the first two rows and there was three or four generations along with extended family members. After church they had us over for brunch and the guys opened gifts. These three young men made me proud and I was honored to stand up in church beside them as they became members! 

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