Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I met a lady yesterday at work, her name is Pricilla, but her friends call her Pricy. She came in to return some clothes that she had ordered on line and to do a little shopping. As I was taking care of her returns we somehow got on the subject that I was a preachers wife and that Alex was appointed to Central on New Hope. Pricy said she use to be a Methodist but goes to church across the street from us. I said "Oh my gosh! You go to the church that does REAL missions!" Let me back up so you know what's going on inside my head when I say these things.

Two weeks ago, as we were pulling into church, I noticed the mar-key outside the Presbyterian church said something about them going to Hayti for a mission trip. I thought and said to Alex, "Look, a church that does real missions." I had also been reading in one of the Methodist magazines about all the mission work we're doing around the world. One of which is called Just Nets and it's about getting sleeping nets down to country's that have problems with Malaria. I even told you yesterday to check out Heifer international, which is also a Methodist mission. These are missions that make a difference. I know that Angel Tree is a local way to help kids in your community have Christmas. There is also the beloved Salvation Army and those great people who ring bells! Alex and I got to do that through our church in Durango and had a great time wishing people Merry Christmas! Anyway, I have a heart for real missions to real places with real people in need! Had it not been for our trip to Romania to the orphanages, I don't know if we would be in ministry right now. Mission trips always do more to your heart than you think! 

So I asked Pricy what they were going to be doing in Hayti. She said they would be installing solar panels so the people could have drinking water. I asked how long they were going to be gone, two weeks! She's excited to go and if she comes back into the shop while I'm there, I think I'm going to give her some money to support them! I just can't explain how excited I get about real mission trips! I found out our church is planning a mission trip this summer to Chicago, where they will work at stocking food in a food bank and take in a few Cubs games. I really hope to run into Pricy again!  

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