Friday, December 17, 2010

It's done!

It is finished! Polity and Discipline are in the rear view mirror and they are getting smaller and smaller by the minute! Two hours and 31 minutes is how long it took! Is that crazy? I'm pretty sure my 99.83 is shot, but we'll see when I get the grade back from my research paper and this stupid final. Never again people! I won't do online classes, they are just not for me! I gotta have people interaction! Now I'm going to take a break, make sausage balls for my part of the Dinner for 8 and I will start on my paper for the book I just read for Spiritual Direction.

Preacher Man geting Yazi out from under tree skirt!
We had packages picked up today that are going to the Preacher man's family and we gave the Mail Man a bottle of BBQ sauce! He pulled up the the mailbox and I went outside to take the boxes to his truck and he started to pull away! "Wait!" I yelled after him. He stopped and told me he was going to pull into the next driveway and would be right with me. I could tell by the way he couldn't find the boxes he was suppose to deliver to me that Christmas isn't his time of year. He did let me know that next Monday would probably be the worst for him. So remember to thank those folks that bring you not only bills, but cards and packages! Tell them "Merry Christmas and thanks for your service!"

Update on Yazi the cat. He's getting old and sometimes I think he doesn't see so good. However, he does tell time very well because he knows when it's time to eat and let's us know! He also has a good sniffer! We found him today on the ledge that runs around the back porch with his head stuck in the holly bushes! This happens to be where all the little birds hang out! Preacher man told me I had better get my cat before he started eating my birds. I swear, that's all I do, let animals in and out of the house, and keep them from eating each other.  

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