Monday, December 6, 2010


When I got up this morning it was 19 degrees. Now, three hours later with the sun up, it's 18 degrees. This time of year is the hardest for me because I want to run, but have to consider the cold induced asthma that I live with. Preacher man had the great idea of putting a bandana around my face like a robber... great idea huh? The problem is it makes it hard to suck in air, and cotton isn't a good moisture wicker. I think a better idea is to wait until later in the day to run when maybe the temperature will get to freezing.

Today I have the day off, which makes me laugh! What do your day's "off" look like? I feel like I need to get back to work so I can rest! Preacher man got the tree up, now it's my job to get the lights on and the ornaments hung. Did I tell you Momma got the dogs these huge beds for Christmas? Here's a picture of them with the cat sleeping in the middle of one. I have decided that one of these pillows is going to be the death of me. They are huge and take up a lot of floor space. As I walk around the house, I have to remember to pick my feet up around them, cuz I know that it's only a matter of time before I get tripped up by one and go flying across the room. Anyway, today I have to color my hair, finish the laundry, let the terminator, I mean termite man in, go to lunch with a church member, polish up my research paper, read more of this book I can't understand and really don't like, clean the bathrooms, go for a run and be a part of an online review at 7:30 for my beloved Polity class. Oh and I have to get Christmas cards done and hot chex mix made. Day's off are so over rated!