Thursday, November 4, 2010


I so struggle with this time of year, for one really big reason. I never know what to wear—ever, for anything. I found my flannel jammie bottoms while switching over clothes earlier this week, so I have been wearing them with my wife beater T-shirt to sleep in. I also got a little ahead of the weather and put the flannel sheets on the bed. Now don't go givin’ me a hard time. I haven't put the bed warmer on yet. Anyway, it's been in the high 30s here in the morning, so I really thought I was being very timely. I have woken up ever morning at about three, cuz I'm hot. I left out this morning for the second-to-last Beth Moore Bible study and had a long sleeve T-shirt on with my zip-front suede jacket that cost most people $170 (but I got it for $50 cuz I'm a Creeker [Coldwater that is]). The wind was blowing so hard and so cold that I had to come home and get in a sweatshirt before I could plant my garlic. 

Yes, you read right, I planted garlic today. Alex filled the bed with dirt this past weekend while I was gone. and November is the month to get those bulbs in the ground. So I took the bag of garlic that I got from Sam's a few weeks ago, pulled the cloves apart, pushed about 75 of them into the garden bed, watered them, and now we wait. Harvest time is in July, so I'm not going to get crazy about it yet. I have never lived in northwest Arkansas, so I have no idea if this is going to work. I figure that if garlic will grow in Kentucky, it will grow here.

Got a phone call from April at Coldwater needing me to work tonight from six to nine, which means closing. I've never done that before, so it will be something different. Now I have to figure out what I'm going to wear to work. Whatever I do to my hair won't really matter, cuz the wind is going to blow it to kingdom come anyway. When I was at work yesterday, they had the air blowing, and it was cold in there. So I'm thinking of layers. Then you watch—I will be busy and get hot because I have on too many clothes. I really struggle with this time of year.

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