Friday, October 15, 2010


I leave in a few hours to head down to Russellville to be apart of  Vessels for the Lord prayer conference. Not that I'm going to be doing anything special, but when your at a prayer conference, your part of what's going on. I am looking forward to being there and seeing the ladies that I have grown to love like sisters, however there is always that part of me that doesn't want to go. I would much rather be here this weekend with Alex and get somethings done. This is craft fair weekend and I haven't even gone to check any of them out, I have no idea what's wrong with me. We had a guy come by yesterday to really look at the Jeep, he even started it up, which is a first. We've had lots of calls but nothing has come of it. The question they always ask is if we're firm on the price. It's pretty funny, Alex's cell will start ring and I'll start quoting what he says on the phone because I've heard him say it so many times! Then he'll pause and look at me and roll his eye's and say, "Yeah, I'm firm on the price, but why don't you come drive it and tell me what you think." Mike came by yesterday when I was here and Alex was still at work. It's usually not a good thing to have me sell something because I talk too much and in that I give too much information out. It's really hard for me to sell things because of this issue I have. However, I do find out a lot about people because generally no one is listening to them. So Mike comes over to check out the Jeep and I get the key's cuz he wants to start it up. Come find out he met his wife in his '82 Jeep back in the day (when ever that was I forgot) so this baby was bring back some memories. I also found out that he's a Nurse but deep inside he's a Motor Head at heart! He was conceived in a '68 something or other so he feels it's in his blood. He redoes car's I forget what that's called but he's afraid if he get's the Jeep his wife will want to paint it sky blue, the color of his old one. I hope he calls Alex this weekend and wants this Jeep. Then we have to decide what to do about the "89 Chevy truck, which by the way is the year that Mike married his wife!


Lee Ryan said...

It's hard to be firm on the price of a vehicle you're selling. Unlike so many things - haggling over how much to pay for a car or truck is practically part of our culture. Though some people are happy to be in a no-haggling environment, many feel that if they havn't knocked a little bit off the price of a car through negotiation, they're getting a bad deal.

All perception of course.

It seems cruel to rob buyers of that morsel of satisfaction. (even if, after it is all said-and-done, they pay you as much as they would have if the price were fixed. I didn't say it was rational.)

Kimer said...

So true! Maybe we'll take it up some so people will think they are getting a deal!