Monday, September 13, 2010

Oh Bother!

Been up since 3 this morning again. I just don't get it, and am I not too overjoyed about it either. Alex and I got up and took the dogs for a walk this morning. Again, I'm having some foot pain and don't want to push the run for some reason. I think it might be called lazy. Alex is gone to Hot Springs for a few days for an Order of Elders meeting. Sounds like the Bishop is going to be bossy with them. I have not a clue, but I do know when to pick my battles about going with him to things, and this was not one of them. He got packed up while I cooked a half-pound of bacon, to have it out of the raw state and more in the eating state. While I was standing there flipping bacon and getting burnt by the stuff, I thought about my plan for the next few days. Since we have gotten some rain, the grass is back in the living state and needs a cutting. In order to do this, I must rake all the dead leaves up first, so I think I will start with the backyard and move on to the front yard tomorrow. I don't want to push it too much.
Then I'll work on the carpet stains. Before we started renting this house, the previous tenants had no idea how to housebreak their animals. You need to take them outside to go potty. Anyway, I have this neverending project of trying to remove 416 stains from the carpet. So far, nothing really works for long. I used some Resolve carpet cleaner, and it got the stains out for about a week, but then they came back. Now don't freak out on me. It just looks bad; there's no smell. Last week, I saw a commercial for Oxi-Clean that said it would take out pet stains. I LOVE Oxi-Clean. It does a great job on clothes, so I thought, “Why not try the carpet?” So far, the stains have not come back, so I might do a few more. But I want to do the yard while it's cool, and when it gets hot, I'll come inside and get on my hands and knees. 
I also start my Preyed on or Prayer For Bible study tonight, which I am pretty sure won't be happening. “Why?” you might ask. There is still only one person signed up for it. I will try and have an open mind about it, but I'm also a realist. 
[OK, there’s a woman doing a very slow jog out in the parking lot across the street at the elementary school. What is she up to? Oh my gosh! The bottom just fell out of the clouds, and it might be time to call Noah. She must need to put up her windows. No, it looks like it's the top to her car that she left down. Oh my, and now she's jogging back to the building setting no speed record.]
Well, I guess working in the yard is out, which means I have to face the spots and the smell of bacon that won't seem to leave. Oh bother; I really was looking forward to being outside today. 

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