Friday, August 13, 2010


Well, I became a RazorTemp today! That's the temporary work force for the University of Arkansas. Alex took me on a dry run last night, so I knew where the parking garage was and what time the bus would be coming by to pick me up, and I made it in with no problem. I'm working at the brand-new bookstore on campus, and let me tell you it is sweet. They aren't completely done with the sidewalk on the side street, but inside, this baby is beautiful. It's two floors with your Razorback ware, general books, office stuff and MOLESKINES downstairs. The textbooks, supplies, the Clinic store and Apple computer store are all upstairs. You know the new car smell? Well, this place has the new bookstore smell.
I'm going to be customer service and loss prevention. What that means is I welcome people into the store, see if I can help them find anything, make sure they find everything and thank them for coming into the store. The fancy name for it is G.A.F.T. Do you know what that means? Greet, Assist, Follow up and Thank. This will also keep people from stealing. An ex-cop from St. Louis trained us today, and I feel a little shaky about some of it but know by the end of Monday I'll be able to say things like, "Book ‘em, Dan-o!" I will need to leave all cash and cards at home or I will have a new supply of Moleskines and every cool article of clothing that has a hog on it. My shift will be 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., so I won't be able to blog about my adventures until I get home, but I will keep you posted. Rush week starts Monday and school on the following Monday, so it should be a really fast six-hour shift. I remember working at the Ft. Lewis bookstore in Durango, and for some reason, I think this is a horse of a totally different color.
By the way, the bookstore is the building on the right in the picture above.

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