Thursday, July 22, 2010

Think of it!

I follow this great blog called "come sit by my fire". I found this blog by following this other blog. She is the most gentle of spirits and causes me to stop and wonder at the smallest things in my life. She is on a trip to Oregon to see family and what she wrote today made me cry and I just have to share it with you! They just celebrated her husbands parents 50 anniversary. That morning they found out that her husbands uncle had died. This is what she shared:  

Today we met the woman who taught Uncle Robert to read. I'm sure that doesn't sound all that remarkable. Many teachers sadly attend the funeral of a student.

No. Not all that remarkable.
Until you know that she is well past 70.
And he was an adult when he learned.

Here was a man who worked at the same company for 45 years.
Who married and loved the same woman for 44 years.
Who fathered three boys.
Who buried a son and grandson.
And he couldn't read.

He managed all the chores of life and the rigors of his job.
All without being able to read.

Imagine that.
Think of it.

One day, he decided that he wanted to read the Bible for himself.
So he went to his work and asked for help.
Told them he wanted to learn to read.

Now picture the woman, this lovely lady we met today.
She was already old; already retired. But, she said yes.
She wanted him to learn to read.

And so she spent hours teaching him.
Making difficult things clear.
Watching him, an adult, a father, learn to read.
And so she came to his funeral today.
To say goodbye, and
I hope, to reflect on a job well done.

Imagine that.
Think of it.

And I have to ask ...
What are you going to do with your one wild and remarkable life?

Imagine that.
Think of it.