Tuesday, July 20, 2010


So today is quarter beef delivery day! I am so excited to have a freezer with fresh beef in it—a quarter of a cow to be exact—which, for those of you that don't know cow, that's a half of a half. Dang, I haven't had grass-feed natural beef since I left Colorado over four years ago.
Let me tell you about Larry. Larry owns L & B Farms in Summers, Arkansas. He's somewhere around over six feet five and skinny as a bean pole. He wears his pants too big but keeps them up with a big ol’ belt, and on his feet are the beloved cowboy boots. Larry talks really slowly, and you can tell he likes to talk, cuz he does a lot of it. Now Larry called last night to get directions to the house. I told him to get off 540 at the Walnut/Walton exit. He said, "What number exit is that?" I told him I had no idea what number it was—eighty-something. "Well, Ms Kimberly, you know I really need to know the number exit, cuz I don't know my way around the city." Oh, good grief. You’re a man. Figure it out! Don't you own a map or a GPS 
Anyway, I found out everything he needed to know so he could pull up in my driveway between 10:00 and 10:30. Lo and behold, this blue duelly (you know, two tires on each side on the back end of the truck) pulling a rather large white tailor pulled up into the driveway at 10:15. It was Larry and his sidekick (ain’t got no teeth). We filled my freezer up. Larry told me that if I had any problems with the beef to just give him a call, cuz my satisfaction is guaranteed. I thanked Larry and No Teeth and stopped traffic so they could pull out into the road. I thought he was going to take my 96-gallon trash can with him, but I was wrong. That man can drive a trailer, or maybe it's drive a truck pulling a trailer. 
So now the fun begins of looking at all the beef and thinking about all the cool stuff I can make. You know Larry even told me how to cook a roast before he left. He said put it in a crock pot and cover it with water, slice up some onions, carrots, celery and garlic if you like—that kinda thing—and cook it slowly all day long. My, my, my, I love being back in Arkansas!


redheadbeck said...

I can hear your voice telling these stories like you were "right" here!!! LOL!!!

That is some good lookin' meat there Ma'am!!!!

Love ya!

Alex said...

yea meat!