Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bring out the Nippers!

I have been thinking about what happens when we close door in our lives. Before you can move on to the next place you have to close some doors and experience the loss and pain of what was. When we let go, we put something to rest. It is no longer available to us. What comes to mind is the seed falling to the ground and dying to what it was in order to become what it can be. Now I have a green thumb and have a degree in biology so I get the whole seed picture. I also understand the plant propagation that doesn't use seed, but uses part of itself to crate a baby plant. I do this with African Violets all the time. You have to rip away part of the plant and stick it in water in order for it to grow it's own roots and become it's own plant. My problem comes when this has to happen in my life and I have to die in order to become more fruitful. A few weeks ago I went out with nippers in hand to my crape mertal bushes. They had grown a lot last year and hadn't started putting on the green of spring yet, so mom said it was time to do some cutting. My crazy neighbor also has one in his yard and it is a mess of branches and unorderedness. The flowers that it put on last year were just sad and it's all because he doesn't prune it back so it will have more fruit. So I went to town on my two bushes and they looked rather sad when I was done. This week they have stared to put on green and it's like a symphony starting up. The neighbors is still sad looking. So I see this time of moving through my gardening glasses, knowing that God is the master gardener and that he is well pleased with the growth I have put on in the last few years. However, in order to have more fruit, it's pruning time and while we're at it let's rip part of you way and start a new plant in, oh I don't know, Rogers Arkansas! So while this time is exciting to see what lies ahead it is also painful as my life is having parts ripped away as we prepare to leave what has been our home and our friends since 2006. Every time I'm pruned back a scare is formed. From that scar, fruit will come in huge bunches. But it hasn't happened yet and the scare haven't healed so bear with me as I go through the triage and drag you with me. Don't worry, soon we will have fruit!

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