Friday, January 29, 2010

What the Heck!

How do you go about losing body fat? I get how to lose weight; you join Weight Watchers, count points and lose weight. I did that and am at my goal weight now and a lifetime member. However, the whole body fat thing is a mystery to me, and I want to know what we are to do with this dang number when we get it? I found in some research that if you are a woman and your body fat is over 25 percent, you are obese. OK, I'm obese, and I am at my goal weight. I don't get it.

My research has shown that you do need some body fat to regulate body temperature, but I gotta tell ya, it's too dadgum cold to regulate body temperature right now. WE NEED TO BURN THINGS to regulate body temperature. You also need this fat for cushion and to insulate your organs. OK, I got plenty of the cushion going on around my organs, so my organs need to go on a diet, huh? I would venture a guess that's where my problem lies; my organs are hogging all the body fat for cushion and insulation because it is so cold

I understand that in order to drop this number I need more protein, fewer carbs and I'm sure no beer. I am going to go out on a limb and say that it will have to start getting warmer too if I am ever going to talk the organs into giving up some of the cushion. So, my friends, the more we lose, the more we need to lose, only in a different way from a different part of your body. If you ever get the chance to find out your body fat, take it from me—you don't really need to know. Just change into your running clothes and hit the street or the evil treadmill or its stepsister the elliptical and work up a sweat. Bring your core temperature up so your organs will have to let go of some of that insulation. Be the boss of your bod! 

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