Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A New Day?

Well, I went and did it...I got me a blogger account and now I guess I need to be writing stuff. I guess one of the things I can share is on Saturday we will have 19 weeks left here in the Holy City of Wilmore Kentucky! OMG that isn't near as long as it was this past summer when we started counting at 42 weeks. Time sure flies when your stressed out huh? I've been thinking about what I might miss when we leave here and I've come up with a few...
  • I always know when to go to Kroger's by checking when the Cat's will be playing!
  • Fall, it really is pretty here when the tree's change, but Spring is so cool cuz the baby horses are jumpen all around.
OK, that's it for now, I'll try and come up with some more later. One of the things I have missed seeing while we have lived here has been the sun. Winter here is over-cast, gray and cold. Somehow it's not what I've always wanted in a winter. Now winter in Colorado is where it's at! It maybe snowing and below freezing, but you can bet that the sun will be shinning and you better not forget the SPF's. However, 9 month's of winter is pushing my comfort zone.

I miss Colorado, and I'm sure I will miss Kentucky or at least parts of it. But I do look forward to counting these 19 weeks down and keepen it real!